ULLE ECO ENERGY is commited to use the latest of sustainable and cost effective technologies today available on the market.

We are engaged in the development of Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) Carrier concepts, both coastal and long distance transports. The vessels should be designed towards fossil-free fuels and/or full or partial electrification for shorter distances. International Energy Agency (IEA) Paris, has in May 2021 forecasted that by 2050 45% of marine fuels would be green ammonia, 20% biofuels, 15% green hydrogen and a very small part of electrified ships, primarily in short distance navigation.

In cooperation with Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden we are developing a sustainable LCO2 carrier concept for shipping of captured carbon dioxide from Sweden for export to permanent storage.

A Hybrid Modular (subsea) Riser (HMR) system has conceptually been developed for the injection of carbon dioxide at dedicated mature or depleted oil and gas reservoirs offshore for permanent storage.